Both analog (95%) and digital (5%) practitioner, she works for bands* and brands** as a photographer and/or a plastician artist (installation, illustration, painting, linocut, sculpture, cross stitch on polaroid).

As a photographer, she is specialized in portraits, fashion, bodies and conceptual photography. She shares her approaches between France and Iceland and develops her own films with alternative processes.

As a teacher, she has been working on body and fashion photography for four years at Condé Lyon and also gives private lessons as a freelance instructor to any artist who needs to grow both technically and artistically.

She also writes articles and researches about photography and singing, focusing on a philosophical and scientifical approach.

She is represented by Poltred agency (Lyon). Regarding her prints, she chose Lynx (Lyon).

*Amélie Les Crayons, Herrshaft, Oakman, öOoOoOoOoOo, Sóley, The Jesters, etc.
**Lilistone, Madame des Feuillants, Neômme, Rezo Zero, etc.

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