As a multidisciplinary artist (visual, sound, literary arts), she likes to move across the photographic spectrum and advocates the exploration and mutation of practices.

Her black and white images, dense, thickened by chemical experimentations, bring her to Iceland and Berlin where she will work on several subjets, including musicians.

Willing to keep a plastic approach, she uses alternative processes to propose a work where photography is not "an end in itself", but "the means to".

Fascinated by photography as a phenomenon, she also studies it as an occurrence and cultivates a critical metaposition regarding preconceptions that are widely disseminated and taught. She also writes think pieces on photography, focusing on a philosophical approach to the subject.

She is represented by Poltred agency, lives and teaches in Lyon (Photography Bachelor/Ecole de Condé, CPES CAAP arts/SLSB, ISCOM). She also gives private lessons as a freelance instructor to any artist who needs to grow both technically and artistically.

Her digital files are printed by Lynx (Lyon).


Amélie Les Crayons, Herrshaft, Oakman, öOoOoOoOoOo, Sóley, The Jesters, Mone, Demande à la Poussière, Madame des Feuillants, Neômme, Rezo Zero, etc.

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