⠂May/ June 2020 – Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland at FRAKTAL


⠂June 2019 – Reykjavik, Iceland at Listastofan gallery

Analog photography :
Portraits of OCD sufferers in Iceland
Portraits of artists in Reykjavik



⠂Apr 2019 – 3°/MISE AU POINT for Expolaroid at Poltred, Lyon

Cross Stitch on Fp100C silk Polaroid Serie

⠂Oct 2018– KEYHOLE AND PEACOCK for Des sexes et des Femmes at 59 rue Rivoli, Paris

Digital Prints

⠂Oct 2017– KEYHOLE AND PEACOCK for Les Inmontrables II at Galerie Le Lab, Marseille

Digital Prints

⠂Jun 2017– SAMEN for Dystopie(s) at L'Openbach, Paris

Digital Prints

⠂Nov 2016 – SAMEN and CE QU'IL RESTE DES HÔTES for Nos Chairs, RPPC, Marché Dauphine, Paris

Digital Prints


October 2016 – SAMEN at Les Feuillants, Lyon

Samen Release
Digital Prints

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