Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, analog or/and digital practitioner, you can come to that point in your artistic or commercial path where you can feel stuck.
However, you don't have to start from scratch to gain skills or change your way of thinking your photography. Our brain is so accustomed to seing our work that it's not able to separate the wheat from the chaff anymore, that leads to the difficulty to make choices.

Thus, I can help you to find different keys to push your art foward. From beginners to experts, many issues can be solved by understanding how the brain works, how we build your art and what we want to strive for. Whatever you need (technical point, artistic approach, how to write exhibit texts, etc.), you're invited to use the contact form and explain your situation.

Coaching and lessons are also available on line !


70€/2 hours

For a longer duration, ask for a custom quote using the contact form.


As a photographer, showing your work is an essential phase to reach potential clients, gallery owners or arts structures.

The more simple the display, the better it will be received. Furthermore, its content has to be properly thought to make it remarkable enough.
Whether in digital or printed format, your portfolio must include the best part of your work, not every single picture you created until then.

These reviews are useful for two reasons : they help you to identify your habits, strengths and weaknesses and to revamp your work to make it more efficient. If you feel the need to be reviewed and supported by a professional and critical eye, you're invited to use the contact form and explain your situation.

Portfolio reviews are also available on line !



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